Selwyn Elkin, Interior Designer | Selwyn Elkin is an expert interior designer in the field of interior design and his signature style and unique touch can be seen in homes throughout the world from Berlin to London, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Miami, Moscow, Israel, South Africa, and beyond.

Talent, Expertise, Dependability

Expert interior designer Selwyn Elkin has the renowned flair, technical expertise, vast experience, and proven skill to create the living space of your dreams.

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Featured Projects

  • The Art of Color
    The Art of Color

    Selwyn Elkin has the experience and confidence to use colors creatively and tastefully with superb results.

  • Space-Saving Splendor
    Space-Saving Splendor

    Selwyn Elkin’s own Tel-Aviv apartment is a clear example of his philosophy that no space is too small to turn it into a luxurious home.

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  • Modern Living Matters
    Modern Living Matters

    This penthouse apartment with its breathtaking views, combines the latest in modern design with elegance and warmth.

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Your Questions Answered

I bought an old house and want to completely redo it, can you help me?

Answer: This is our specialty – for us, no project is not doable!

Can I redesign my apartment even without a huge budget?

Answer: Of course! Firstly, clients describe what they want. Next we work out a plan and can realistically estimate costs. From there everything can be adjusted to suit their budget.

I want to redecorate, but have no idea where to start. What do I do?

Answer: You’re not alone! I ask clients for a “wish list” or if they have pictures from magazines that they like. New clients are also welcome to see completed projects.

Do you work in more than one country? I have three homes and want the same decorator.

Answer: I have had several clients with homes in different locations – from Moscow, to London, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, South Africa and Berlin. The process simply involves several visits to each location and working with the best local contractors.

A friend’s house was renovated and is ultra-modern, but bland… am I crazy to want color?

Answer: New clients tell me they love my style, because I’m not afraid to use color. Other designers opt for white/grey/black and pastel shades since you cannot go wrong. I love using color, because I know how to handle it!

The Business of Realizing Dreams

Selwyn Elkin has been creating beautiful interiors for more than 30 years and is renowned for his superior flair and remarkable talent. Whether designing a luxury mansion from plan or renovating a modest apartment, every customer receives the same devotion, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding results. Selwyn’s expertise lies in his ability to miraculously maximize space; consider diverse lifestyles; cater to personal tastes; combine comfort and functionality whilst achieving timeless splendor and elegance; and ultimately, to transform every dream living space into reality.

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