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“Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true.” ~T.E. Lawrence

Selwyn Elkin is an expert in the field of interior design and his signature style and unique touch can be seen in homes throughout the world from Berlin to London, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Miami, Moscow, Israel, South Africa, and beyond.

Selwyn’s vast experience, exclusive taste, superior flair and remarkable talent have enabled many clients to achieve the interiors and exteriors of their dreams. His easy-going and charming personality also give existing and potential clients the confidence that no matter how big or small their project, the results will be extraordinary.

In 1972 Selwyn Elkin Interiors opened its doors for the first time in South Africa, the designer’s country of origin. Now, a lucrative brand operated from Tel Aviv, Selwyn’s diverse projects have been featured in some of the world’s leading interior design magazines.

A master at handling space, Selwyn has been commissioned to decorate many mansions for the rich and famous throughout his career. However, he is just as happy to turn his hand to much more modest projects – and budgets. Designs can also be implemented at the initial stage of building, where a home exists only on plan, or when someone wants to do renovations.

Another expertise is Selwyn’s ability to work with color. Whilst many designers opt for neutral or pastel shades to avoid making mistakes, Selwyn will add splashes of color to a space, no matter whether he has applied a traditional, contemporary modern or period style in its design. In fact, Selwyn’s ability to work in a variety of design modes enables him to cater for a wide variety of customers. It also serves him in his belief that every project must be unique – there is no copying & pasting here! Each home and its owners are treated as distinctive entities with very different lifestyles, aesthetic preferences, and personal aspirations. Every project is also a true collaboration between the designer and client’s tastes, needs and budgets.

Moreover, no matter whether it’s an apartment, office or home, every project entrusted to Selwyn is carried out from start to finish with meticulous attention paid to the smallest details. A trademark example is his use of “secret” storage cupboards, recessed lights, hidden electric shutter devices, and concealed appliances — all to afford interiors a practical yet clutter-free, spacious and luxurious finish.

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Selwyn Elkin Interiors is an established brand that stands for personal touch, professionalism, expertise, and dependability. It also stands for the space between your existing living environment and the one of your dreams!