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Interior Designer in Israel

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The Interior Designer Within

An interior designer in Israel is your gateway to elegance and your protector from trend faux paus.

As soon as a much hyped interior design trend emerges and fills the pages of industry design magazines world over, so another one comes to the fore. This may all be exciting and inspiring for interior designers in Israel and any other country, but how does it relate to the average person, who are trends for, and — of increasing importance, what is the role of an interior designer?

Inspiration or desperation?

Whether a person flips the pages of a glossy, searches the net, or reads countless blogs for interior design or decorating ideas, they’ll either want to jump up and head to their nearest interior store,  or look around their home and grab a box of Kleenex in despair.

The truth is, the landscape of interior design is an ever changing phenomenon, which may be inspiring for some, but overwhelming for others. While DIY is all the rage, there are copious trend forecasts, and there is an overwhelming amount of freely available information out there, not every design look is practical, easy to achieve, suitable for every living space and personal style or sympathetic to every pocket.

Moreover, by its very definition, a ‘trend’ is something that comes and goes. In other words, friends may walk into your apartment sporting the brand new, neon red chairs you’ve has just purchased and say “wow,” but think six months down the line when even trying to add your much-loved orange and yellow polka dot throw cushions (another trend from way back when) makes for a queasy combination. That’s what is meant by ‘practicality,’ ‘easy to achieve’ and ‘style’ — trying to achieve an affect that a top designer in a magazine has worked years to pull off. As far as budget goes, even if those red chairs were a bargain, the other ‘accessories’ required to complete the look might involve redoing the entire room. This is where an interior designer steps into the picture.

Interior Design in Israel – DIY or Get an Expert?

Clearly, DIY decorating is not always as easy as it looks – or sounds when explained in articles and guides. The best option is to hire an interior designer in Israel – or wherever one is located. The next obvious hurdle is whom to hire? Whether one is simply looking for a change or planning to completely remodel a home, there are as many designers out there as there are trends.

Rule of thumb – find a designer that will listen to you and respect your tastes, yet one with enough experience and practical grounding to guide you as to which trends will work and which are a faux paus waiting to happen. In other words, a designer who will make changes to your living space that suit your lifestyle and practical requirements, that will blend in with those items you actually love and want to keep, and that will accommodate your budget. It is also important to find someone established and confident. A new kid on the block may be more interested in having their work featured in said magazines than in your personal style and requirements – let alone budget. ‘Established’ also means reliable — an interior designer in Israel should have a reputation for being dedicated, honest, available and able to meet deadlines.

An established and experienced designer also knows how to incorporate trends in a tasteful and elegant way rather than as the main feature. If the latest color is cobalt blue, instead of covering full walls in the shade, they might opt for throw cushions or a rug that can be easily and inexpensively replaced should they simply become ‘too much’ or … yesterday’s trend!

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