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Classical Contemporary Combo

Classical Contemporary Combo

This home is a perfect example of classical contemporary style where everything flows for easy, modern-day living. From its ultra-modern kitchen to hidden electrical elements, state-of-the-art carpentry and expert lighting, the home radiates that unique combination of grace and practicality at which the designer excels.

Elkin’s attention to detail is evident throughout. A spiral staircase, soothing colors, carefully selected fabrics and clever finishes are all breath taking individual elements, yet work together in a way that everything flows.

Of particular note is the creative use of materials that give the same look as their expensive counterparts – something Elkin often does in order to accommodate a client’s budget. The results are always even more beautiful and unique. A good example in this project was the use of oak on the dining room table instead of venga, a very expensive wood, topped with synthetic marble.

Other remarkable features include floating cupboards; a large rectangular coffee table with apainted white surface that gives the impression of a fabric yet is practical and stain proof; a sauna off the bathroom; a luxurious office; a basement lounge equipped with a bar; a main bathroom and bedroom done up in a rich dark wood; and a soft pastel child’s bedroom offering a wonderful contrast. The kitchen has been designed to defy space accommodating a pantry, two stoves, two sinks, two dishwashers, a glass breakfast bar with Perspex chairs and a storage cupboard with high-gloss surfaces and modern glass shelves. The garden and terrace have been designed to extend this wonderful relaxing atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.