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Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop

This five bedroom four bathroom beach-front apartment is another superb creation by Selwyn Elkin. The purple, blue and white color scheme were chosen as they are the owner’s favorite colors. According to Elkin, if you surround yourself with the colors you would wear, you have picked the right décor for you.

The color scheme starts right away with the double front doors painted in shiny Chinese purple lacquer. The entire floor of the apartment is covered in a lilac-tinged washed oak parquet and the living room walls are also a delicate lilac. The lounge, which is surrounded by a huge balcony, has a pale lilac cotton sofa, an ornate Victorian chair and footstool in rich mauve velvet, and two reproduction Regency chairs in beige and gold striped satin as a contrast. There are many beautiful Persian rugs, which Selwyn was sent to Istanbul to purchase for the home. The bright purple couch standing on a white rug in the family room, is proof of Selwyn’s confidence and expertise in using color to achieve the magnificent.

The master bedroom with its custom-made white furnishings, superb gilt Empire mirror, white sofa, American crystal-based bedside lamps, and dreamy combination of ice-blue and snowy white, perfectly complements the sea-view visible through the window.

From the dining room with its polished mahogany table and chairs, botanical prints from England and marble-topped chiffonier with a mirrored back, to the unusually shaped bookshelf in the white-painted kitchen, carefully selected lighting throughout, Selwyn showed that he completely understood the exact requirements of his clients.