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Penthouse in Ramat Aviv

Penthouse in Ramat Aviv

I met this client about 30 years ago when they hired me to do the interior of the new home they were building in Kfar Shmaryahu. The project was successful and they were more than satisfied. For 30 years I hardly heard from them. About 2 years ago they made contact. They were selling their house in Kfar Shmaryahu and buying a penthouse in Ramat Aviv. I was invited to view the open space that they intended to buy in a newly built project on the grounds of the old Ramat Aviv Hotel. They purchased the penthouse and I was given the task of the interior design and architecture. I started off by designing the interior walls and creating the various spaces, many drafts were made before we had a final plan. I then designed the plumbing, electricity, air conditioning & audio/video system & lastly the carpentry.

We started visiting various shops for the flooring, wall tiles & all the sanitary equipment, toilets, basins & faucets.

The main challenge in this apartment was the color scheme. I am not a designer that takes the easy way out. I don't do grey tiled floors, with white or grey walls & neutral color upholstery fabrics. The lady of this house is what I call a "ball of fire" she loves color in her life. The color scheme speaks for itself.