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Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone

The striking ‘Wailing Wall’ replica at the entrance to this penthouse in Ra’anana, Israel, is an attestment to Selwyn Elkin’s ability to listen to a client’s dreams and then bring them to life. The American couple who bought the apartment for their future retirement, wanted it to ‘look like Israel,’ which it certainly does. The space is warm with clean lines throughout mostly thanks to the rich cream colored walls and granite porcelain floors, which resemble marble, but are cheaper, more durable and easier to maintain.

The apartment was acquired in the early building stages, therefore Selwyn could make some radical changes to the planned setup of the interior walls. One included converting the closed-off family room into an open-plan, all-white kitchen with tall white bucket chairs around a counter. Another involved transforming a closet under the stairs into a gorgeous guest toilet with a bronze basin and faucets imported from the States and wall tiles that look like bamboo.

The dining is bright and airy with a glass-topped table, a ‘floating’ sideboard and a long mirror above. The granite tops of the wood cupboards and bar tucked into a corner are colored dark chocolate granite, veined in beige to match the floor. In contrast, the living room displays a dark leather suite and a glass-fronted fireplace with in-built shelving to display treasures and to conceal speakers. The main bedroom, which is on the second floor, is also decorated in Selwyn’s signature chocolate and white color-scheme, with tiles that look exactly like parquet.

In-keeping with Selwyn’s eye for detail, not a single wire protrudes, lighting is concealed and shutter boxes are well-hidden. The all-round balcony is brightly furnished with striped cushions and a mosaic-topped table. Like its finish, the apartment is superb.